MCI is an organization committed to the pursuit of purpose, seeking excellence and accountability, while remaining strong in character.


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MCI has been mandated with a unique mission. Developing leadership programs and courses that enriches individuals within our nation. We accomplish this goal by addressing 3 areas of improvement. Spirituality, Communication and Character.

MCI believes these three principles of leadership are the foundation pieces that are missing that have caused

fatherlessness, broken families and corruption in corporations and politics. It is these three principles that must return to the core of leadership for fathers, mothers, employees and politicians. 

With this task laid before us MCI believes we can restore broken families, reduce the recidivism rate and help veterans and their families.


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Veterans Program

MCI believes in focusing on the spiritual health of veterans.  MCI wants to create an environment were veterans have tangible markers of success. We believe a major part of the success of veterans is the veteran seeing themselves getting better and succeeding. Many veterans are dealing with issues that are treated with medications. However, we believe that you must address the spiritual health before you can treat the mind. MCI has a proven curriculum of success concerning the many issues of veteran health. 


In past times, warriors who came home from battle had very specific rituals of healing and cleansing the spirit.  The wisdom of our ancestors understood the toll that was taken on the spirit when engaging in combat.

What are the costs?

All courses for veterans receive a 50% veterans discount and free shipping on all books and materials.

Why spiritual health?

MCI believes that everyone is spirit, soul (mind, will, emotion, conscience) and body. We are a society that focuses on the health of the soul and body because we can see and feel them. However, the spirit is neglected even though it is the essence of life and strength which Includes the avenue to the restoration of a relationship with our creator. If the spirit is strong it can communicate divine strength to the soul and the body. However, the soul and body cannot communicate with the spirit which places an incredible amount importance on the spirit and the reason why MCI focuses on the spiritual health of individuals and veterans.

Are there local classes or meetings?

Yes! As local classes and meeting are offered they will be updated to our events calander.

Criminal Justice Division

MCI was founded to help in the healing of individuals and families torn apart by crime – whether committed against an individual or by an individual. It is designed to help individuals and families who are distraught while facing trial, imprisonment and ultimately the challenge that those returning face in coming home and reintegrating into the community and family.

what is the discipleship program in prison?

We offer a discipleship curriculum for those incarcerated. We exclusively use the Majoring in Men Curriculum by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole. This is a State of Texas approved program and focuses on the heart of the man which we believe is what truly affects the recidivism rate in our communities. If you change the heart you change the man!

are there local classes or meetings?

Local classes are being organinized. Contact us for further details.

how can i get materials sent to my loved one?

Contact us through the contact form at the bottom of each page and we will get the information and materials to the individuals.


“The Audacity of Manhood” Podcast



The Watchman Podcast is a podcast that covers a veriety of subjects such as current events, sports, relationships, marriage all predicated on the foundations of biblical manhood and leadership. BE AUDACIOUS! COMING  2021

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Commission Program

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If You are interested in having a half day men’s conference to ignite your men and promote manhood contact us.

Veterans Program

Let us know about your interest in volunteering with our Veterans or other opportunities to serve.

Criminal Justice

If you have or know someone facing the Criminal Justice system and needs help navigating, contact us for a consultation.