“Being male is a matter of birth, being a Man is a matter of choice.” by Dr. Ed Cole


Man Church and Discipleship

MCI Introduction



Fellowship between men is critical to a strong men’s ministry. We believe in initiating fellowship at the beginning of Man Church to bring men together in communication prior to corporate worship. “Communication is the basis of life” – Dr. Ed Cole.

 Dynamic Worship

A complete and dynamic time of worship is another critical point to Man Church. Men can come together in abandon without the distractions of a open service. When they can open their hearts to worship it becomes a “safe place.”

 Masculine Message

The message in Man Church is exclusively concerning true manhood. Principles are taught from the “Majoring in Men”™ Curriculum by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole. This is where we address the issues that are indicative of the heart of man.


In Matthew 28:19, Jesus commanded us to “go and make disciples”. This was not a suggestion; it is a command. How is a man to make disciples when he has never been discipled? The Majoring in Men™ curriculum answers this dilemma.


This is where everything comes together. Men who graduate from the Majoring in Men™ class become “Commissioned Men” through an amazing Commissioning Ceremony. These are men of character, faithfulness, and commitment.


Commissioned men embark on a journey to disciple other men, outreach to the community and minister to those in the body who are in contact with the Criminal Justice System in addition to assisting MCI expansion.



Man Church

  • A community of men committed to the persistent pursuit of God’s purpose, seeking excellence and accountability, while remaining strong by being united in true manhood.
  • A time set aside each week for fellowship, dynamic worship, and a logical, common sense message based on the “Majoring in Men” curriculum written by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole. Cole is widely known as the father of the modern Christian men’s movement in America.
  • A challenging and encouraging message tailored to the heart of men for their women, their families, and their communities.
  • An opportunity for men and their sons to experience and celebrate true masculinity within the body of Christ.

Majoring in Men Curriculum

An intense discipleship curriculum intended to produce men of character, integrity, and excellence for men who want to take manhood to the next level.

The Majoring in Men curriculum is based on these foundations:

  • “Christlikeness and Manhood are synonymous.” Edwin Louis Cole
  • True manhood comes from consistent and purposeful discipleship to Christ.
  • The highest good of every man is to be like Jesus.

The curriculum consists of nine books written by Dr. Cole and the corresponding workbooks:

  • Maximized Manhood
  • Strong Men in Tough Times
  • Real Man
  • Courage
  • Power of Potential
  • Never Quit
  • Communication, Sex, and Money
  • Unique Woman
  • Sexual Integrity


A Commissioned Man is:

  • Consistently faithful; a man whose word is his bond.
  • Capable of teaching what he has learned and discipling other men.
  • Competent to rightfully divide the word of truth by studying and applying God’s Word.
  • Committed to serving Christ, his family, his pastor, his church and his community.

A Commissioned Man is equipped to walk in true manhood.

“And the things which you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”
2 Timothy 2:2

“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”
2 Timothy 2:15




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William Henry (MCI Commissioned)

Chief Operating Officer (

William held an upper-level management position with a large retail company.  William models a focused drive toward commitment, loyalty, and faithfulness in his own life, as well as a passion to see these hallmarks of manhood reproduced in others.

Jack King (CMN Commissioned)


Jack was a longtime friend and served as Associate Minister for Dr. Edwin Louis Cole.  The founder of Faithful Men Ministries and co-founder of MCI, Jack was a true champion in the christian men’s movement.  In the role of mentor and advocate, his wisdom and knowledge will forever be invaluable to this ministry.  WE WILL HONOR YOU.  April 18, 1947 – July 4, 2018

Nick Farricy (MCI Commissioned)

Board Member (

Nick with his wife Tara is a designer with Pulliam Pools. He is committed to being a true father and husband. Nick is a powerful and passionate speaker, used by God to inspire the hearts of men to thier purpose in Christ. Nick is MCI’s lead Facilitator of the “Majoring in Men Curriculum” by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole. 

Mike Bartosh

Chief Information Officer (

Mike with his wife Janna is the Chief Information Officer for a large private company, as well as the president and owner of emPower Technology, Inc.  Mike has a deep understanding of servant leadership and a calling to use current technology to facilitate and encourage men’s discipleship.

MCI Criminal Justice Ministry

Providing Support for Men In Need

BLOODLOVE WORLDWIDE is a division of Man Church International. Learn more about its unique ministry opportunities and ways to support it by clicking the following link: BLOODLOVE WORLDWIDE.