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The Novice Commissioning Program is the foundation to understand and implementing the principles of manhood. It is intense, introspective and difficult. However, it is one the most rewarding journey a man can embark on. Finally getting the answers to the questions of manhood we have been searching for and with those principles we will be able to be victorious over those struggles and obstacles life throws our way. Enroll in MARCH 2020 at our MCI Institute of Leadership and become the man God created you to be.

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“When I try to quantify what MCI has done for me, there just aren’t words to express the tremendous blessings that have impacted me and especially my family. It’s like trying to find a way to thank God, I can never thank Him enough. When I try to narrow down to the impact MCI has had on my life, I have to bring these two principles that no one else has ever been able to teach me in a way that not only impacted the way I think, but more importantly impact within my heart to change the way I live and behave. The first principle is to be a man of your word. The change in my marriage and my children by realizing that I have to uphold my word to them has been more than visible. If I want to know how I am doing as a man, I look to my wife and children.

This brings me to the second principle and that is that the character of the kingdom emanates form the character of the king. If Jesus is my king, then I am going to imitate Christ. If I am imitating Christ and I am acting king over my household as the spiritual leader of my household, then my family is imitating Christ. MCI not only taught me those principles and demonstrated them to me through example. I am a new creation in Christ Jesus. MCI helped me to understand what the potential of that new creation can be. And then, held me accountable and continues to hold me accountable to my commitment to Christ Jesus to maintain the new creation I am. Therefore, I am living a maximized life by understanding the power of the potential I have inside because of the love of Jesus.”

—William Henry (MCI COO)

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