By: William Henry

Being blessed… What a blessing it is to be blessed. Do you feel blessed?

Maybe you are having a moment in your life that seems off. Maybe you are having a bad year. Maybe you just lost your job or maybe, you have been out of work for a while now. Maybe you have been injured or diagnosed with something from your worst fears. Maybe you’ve lost someone close to you. Maybe a father, mother, a wife or husband, maybe your child.

Perhaps you don’t really have any idea what caused it, but you just feel like your life isn’t going as you hoped or planned. We all have things happen to us. We have struggles in life. None of us no matter what others think have a problem free existence on earth. However, YOU are blessed! Even through all of the pain and suffering. When things seem to be the worst, God loves you. His love is unconditional.

Something many miss is that God’s promises are conditional. Just as everything in your life is a matter of perception. You are blessed, but you have to choose to see it. You must choose to accept the blessings God gives you. If you choose a life of sin, you will be blinded by the lies of the enemy and never see your blessings. You will miss out on so many things God has planned for you. You will miss your potential and the things God gives you.I am blessed. I am blessed with good friends, a wonderful wife, 3 amazing kids, awesome dog, car, and I could continue listing all the things I am thankful for all day.

However, it is a choice to see these things as blessings. Not everything goes as we think they should. Life on earth comes with grief, sorrow, sadness, stress, pressure, anxiety, fear and so many other things that God doesn’t want for us. I could dwell on the problems and suffering I experience. I could focus on all the things I don’t have. I could let myself be discouraged with all the things that aren’t going my way or the past. I could choose regret.

Instead, I choose Jesus. I choose to trust God with everything. I have been given gifts and blessings that are part of the promise of God. I choose to live in the peace only Christ provides. I choose to live a life of victory. I choose glory to glory!

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.
Matthew 6:33

This verse is a choice. If I seek Him, all these things will be added to me. I have to choose Him! I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. Most have heard or seen the verse quoted, but it is a life decision. I am free from depression and sadness through Christ. You are offered the same freedom. God never said our time on earth would be problem free or easy, but He promises to go before us, stand behind us and carry us through when we choose Him. It is through God alone that I am free.

As I have been told numerous times, I am blessed and it is great. However, blessings are gifts. God’s Anointing is a gift as well. I am anointed because I choose God and I desire to please Him. I love you because God has renewed my mind. I want the best for you. I write out of obedience and my anointing. I am called into ministry to be a light in the darkness. I wrote this to remind you of your blessing and to share God’s grace on my life with you. My hope is this finds you with peace and the love of Jesus.