In 2011, God interrupted my life. I was a police officer with the Fort Worth Police Department. Not only did I love being a police officer, but I was the Advanced Training Unit training coordinator. I love to teach and develop training systems. It was a dream combination. But God had a different idea.

When this interruption occurred, I was approaching my ten-year anniversary with the department. As I said, I loved my job and the assignment I had. It also afforded me a “normal” schedule with weekends and holidays off. This type of schedule is not common for the majority of police officers.

It was July of 2011 when the Lord made it very clear to me that He wanted me to leave the department. What He didn’t say was what He wanted me to do after I left. It was just a call to leave.

Before this interruption, I had begun to notice the Lord was restoring many different areas of my life. This restoration process had been occurring for about two years before God telling me to leave. Looking back now, I see the progression toward the call I experienced. It was during these two years that God prepared me for His call to leave the department. I am convinced, had I not obey the Lord in this restoration process, I would not have been prepared for His call to leave.

But here is the crucial aspect of that preparation. I did not recognize I was in a preparation process that would lead to my encounter with the Lord in 2011. Nor did I know my obedience at that time of preparation was so important to what the Lord was planning in the future. All I knew was that the Lord wanted to make changes in my life. As I look back now, I’m really glad I obeyed and followed His leading.

Again, it is easy for me to look back today and see the pathway. It is obvious. But, as I look forward in my life, I still cannot see what yet lies ahead. But I do know that what the Lord is planning from this point forward is as dependent upon my current obedience as the call in 2011 was dependent upon my past obedience.

It is the same for you. Right now, the Lord is working in your life to prepare you for something He has planned in the future. However, those plans are dependent upon your present obedience. Ephesians 2:10 states, “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works which He has prepared in advance that we should walk in them.” Not only is God preparing the good works for you, but He is also preparing you for the good works. You don’t want to miss any opportunity the Lord has prepared for you. I know I don’t.

So, what are you preparing for today? It is impossible to know the specifics of what the Lord has planned. But you can know that your present obedience WILL prepare you for His future plans. So, stay close to Him, stay in His Word, and obey His guidance!


Written by Brendan Bagnell