Ever heard the phrase “ make a deal with the devil?”

This is going to get rough, it’s not for the weak. If you are a weak boy, stop here and just keep on living the lies. If you’re courageous enough, keep reading at your own risk.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the phrase. It’s often used in movies and other public forums. Although you’ve heard the phrase, have you ever really considered how easy it is to actually make a deal with the devil? I’ll tell you, it’s much easier than you might think.

How about this, fornication. What is fornication? Any sexual contact outside of marriage. You might ask yourself, how is fornication making a deal with the devil? Actually, it’s quite simple. Let me explain.

You are out with your boys enjoying the evening, and you spot her. She’s dancing seductively, or just making eye contact with you, it’s so alluring you can’t walk away. You have to talk to her. So, as things progress, you end up going home with her or taking her home. Either way, you are putting yourself in the devil’s wheelhouse. Temptation isn’t sin, it’s the action after the temptation that makes you vulnerable.

After a night of fun, you go on about your business. All seems well, she finally calls you and you don’t answer. You never call her back. Then, she shows up at your house or your job and tells you she’s pregnant. Here’s one way the deal is made. You are now stuck with this girl and a child for the rest of your life. Like so many other cowards who refuse to take responsibility, you might decide to just tell her she is on her own. Maybe she sues you for child support that you may or may not pay, maybe she doesn’t. Either way, this kid is most likely growing up to be fatherless. Further progressing the agenda of Satan.

Let’s say, instead of having the baby, she decides to have an abortion. Either on her own, or you convince her it’s the best thing. Again, proving you are a coward. She goes through with it, making both of you murderers. You have once again, connected yourself to sin and the devil is clapping and rooting for you to continue your self-destruction.

Maybe, pregnancy isn’t the deal the devil makes with you. Maybe its more personal and short-term. Maybe instead of the young vixen you met two weeks earlier telling you she’s pregnant, she reveals she has an STD. Also known as an STI, which the world is trying to substitute for STD because they don’t like the word “disease” and infection sounds less demoralizing. This STD was contracted from another douchebag who took advantage of her a few weeks prior to your night of fun.

This could go either way. It could be as serious as something that is incurable, like many of the diseases out there. It could be HIV, or HPV, who knows. It could be something, you hope, will heal and your body can be restored from on its own. Either way, it’s something you have to deal with. It can manifest in physical or mental pain, or both. What if you are married and you cheated on your wife? How do you reconcile a disease you contracted? That’s a tough story to tell isn’t it?

Or, what if, it’s neither of those deals. This time, the devil has been extremely crafty with you. Instead of an unplanned child or a disease, he gets you with your freedom. This girl has decided she wasn’t as into you as you thought. She’s told the police that she was assaulted. Your first thought might be naïve. You think to yourself, no way. She was totally into it, we both were. No way I’m getting hung with this, I’m innocent. I’ll just let the system do it’s job.

Well sports fans, the devil has caught you in his trap again. Let me be as clear as possible. The chances of you skating on this kind of charge is slim to none. At the very best you can hope that you won’t do much jail time, but you will be out some money and you are now a registered sex offender for life. This is something you take with you to job interviews, the neighborhood you want to live in, trying to get your kids to school and attend their functions, what about marriage? How do you explain this to a potential wife? She’s going to find out, there’s no way around it. What if you are married? Even more devastation and havoc are coming your way. Now you are faced with a likely divorce and your kids being stripped from you.

This is how the devil gets you. You see, he’s making a deal with you and you don’t even know it. You are out living it up, trying to have fun with your buddies. Thinking with the wrong brain because you are under the influence of drugs, alcohol, ignorance and immaturity, or all of the above. You are a man of happenstance. Not even a man at this point, because you don’t accept responsibility for yourself, you just play the victim. You are living the curse of Adam from Genesis. You are blaming the woman and how she caught you with those jeans and that smile. You are blaming society because they create the allure of sex as a trophy and something to conquer with. You have been duped by the devil into thinking the more you can take to bed, the more of a man you are.

I’m here to tell you on behalf of the Lord of all, you are at fault. 100% to blame. This isn’t the girl’s fault, its not society, its not your lack of a dad around, it’s not the fact that your mom never encouraged you to go to church, it’s all on you boy. All 100% of it. You’ve made a deal with the devil and you are stuck.

Or are you?

Well, here’s the good news. The devil has actually been defeated whether he knows it or not. He’s lost whether you know it or not. You have a choice. You have a big decision to make. You have a life altering decision that not only affects your time on earth, but this is an eternal decision. This decision can alter the case of the universe and the path you are on. This decision can turn you from boy into man. The opportunity presented to you here is the decision to be a man of determination rather than happenstance.

You can decide your future and your fate with a simple decision. You can change the past and remove the blemishes you’ve created. You can break the curse and terminate the contract with the devil. You can be renewed and restored. You can have your freedom and dignity back. You can be reconciled and God will restore the lose and self-pity you’ve been living in.

What is this magical thing, this decision ??? What is this gift and restoration??


It’s the easiest decision you’ll ever make. It’s the path to freedom and redemption. Jesus is the chain breaker, the curse ender, the contract eraser, the joy and payment. Jesus.

I challenge you take the step, the biggest one of your life. I challenge you to stop being a boy and own your mistakes. Stop being a product of your own ignorance and step up, man up!

I’m here for you. MCI is here for you. We are an organization committed to the pursuit of the hearts of men and the redemption found only in Christ Jesus. We are committed to your renewal and the path of rejoicing in the love of our true Father. I am committed to you, brave one. I’m committed to your pursuit of Jesus and the path you are seeking if you’ve read this far. I want to help you find the truth and know Him in a way that will cause you to find who you really are. To find the real you underneath all that self-doubt and unworthiness. I’m here to tell you, to prove to you that you can be worthy. You can love and be loved. You can find the truth and live it. You can be a part of something greater than you ever dreamed of. You can be a son and a co-heir to the Kingdom of Heaven.

I’m here to tell you I love you, God loves you and Jesus is hunting you down and fighting for your soul and spirit.

In the words of a proven champion, LET’S GOOOOOOOO!!!!