MCI Criminal Justice Ministry


BLOODLOVE WORLDWIDE is a division of Man Church International. In todays society individuals who come in contact with any aspect of the criminal justice system for the most part have know idea what is about to happen. They have many questions and sometimes fear can grip them. BLOODLOVE WORLDWIDE focuses on helping individuals and their families with navigating the complexities of the system. From the initial charge to the adjudication of the charge, from SAFP, County Jail and Prison to release. If you have any questions please contact BLOODLOVE WORLDWIDE click here

In addition, BLOODLOVE WORLDWIDE, facilitates the discipleship classes utilizing the Majoring in Men Curriculum by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole to teach men that are incarcerated the true meaning of manhood and fatherhood. Leading men to the principles that give men the ability to have victory over sin in the heart of men will drastically reduce the recidivism rate in our country. Principles such as, commitment, faithfulness, character, integrity, accountability and most of all, submission to the authority of Jesus Christ, is the key to their success after release. If you are interested in teaching these classes or funding these classes and expansion go to BLOODLOVE WORLDWIDE click here



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