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    God Reserves the Best for His Leaders”The husbandman that laboureth must be first partaker of the fruits. Timothy 2:6″

    Devotion : God is love, and He knows those who are working tirelessly for Him. As a leader Himself, He knows what His leaders are going through daily as they dutifully accomplish everything set before them. They are the ones who are severely attacked by the enemy and his cohorts of darkness. They also bear the pressure of their members. Because of this, God Has made provision for them to be the first to partake of the fruits of their labor. This is the reward Jesus Christ has put in place to motivate His leaders. Therefore, don’t be envious or criticize when you see the leaders of the church in wearing a nice suit, driving a fancy car, living in a fine house, or having a beautiful family. They deserve the best as they keep working for the mastekr.