JESUS IS COMING…..JESUS IS COMING!!!! 🕊 JESUS entered into Jerusalem on this day!! How fitting that it’s Palm Sunday 🌿 as we spend our days in our homes for safety that the SON OF GOD was preparing for the end of HIS great journey. I am thankful for today no matter what our physical limitations/restrictions are right now because either way this ends, it is HIS land and kingdom. I believe in heaven and am promised eternal life with HIM. I encourage you to seek after the LORD and find your own truth and relationship with HIM so that you too will not fear these trying times and receive peace. We walk with the confidence that this life is temporary and to live with the confidence of being with our HEAVENLY FATHER no matter what the world says or does. Thank YOU FATHER for the promises and salvation YOU gave us in your crucifixion. Thank YOU for giving everything so that we could live and one day be together. We speak life, provision and health over this land and ask YOU to protect us each day. This is YOUR land and YOUR people and we will bless YOUR NAME forever!! In JESUS PRECIOUS NAME AMEN!!! Have a blessed Palm Sunday, you have been prayed for!!