By: Phil Marley

My good Courage was a blessing from God and came very late in life. God has blessed me so much.
Courage brought me to Turning Point Church at my wife’s loving request. Courage led me to the cross on November 7, 2010. Courage was God’s gift to me. Much Courage is the reason I took the Commissioning class.
With Courage, I have gone from broken to healed and am working to be a Christlike Man of God
Being saved at the age of 65, I believed all my sins were left at the cross and I was a new man. I knew God had a plan for me. My wife talked me into going to POINT MEN MEN’s ministry and then my walk really started by reading the Bible in a year. Then I finally figured out, God gave me the same spirit he had. After this I knew God had a plan for me.
Soon after MCI started Man Church, Dr. Ed Cole’s Commission Program was made available to all men through MCI.
Strong men of God can bring change in the Church, home and our community. Christians can defeat the devil and set us free to worship our God the way Jesus Christ and the holy spirit intends us to
Dr. Cole’s book explained things I never realized. Most important was That God is for me, not against me
That God is with me
That God is in me
After being saved and learning from Dr. Cole’s writings I now know God is not mad at me.
Another problem Dr. Cole’s book helped me was Guilt. I was full of 65 years of guilt when I was save.
Studying from Dr. Cole’s books, I remembered reading Spirit, Soul & Body by Andrew Womack.
This is when I realized, that God had given me the same soul as he.

At last, I have let much guilt go and really let God work in my life. Praying and letting things go, has lightened my load giving me a closer walk with God. I have released much. Still have some to go.
Dr. Cole’s books are such a blessing to this old man and his walk with the Lord.
After being saved I have been through mega trials. God gives me strength to get through and come out stronger. With God and the men of God around me, how can I go wrong.
The old saying; if you can’t say something nice about someone don’t say any at all. Harsh words from a person can be hurtful and do harm. At the same time encouraging words can be very up lifting. We all will be held accountable to God. God gives us the mind of Christ, in and though the word of God. As we read the Bible, listening to the word, reading the word and teaching, we will learn to use Gods words. We must always know God has words of creation and we have creative words, given by God.