Man Church is a community of men committed to the persistent pursuit of God’s purpose, seeking excellence and accountability while remaining strong by being united in true manhood

Man Church is a time set aside for fellowship, dynamic worship, and logical, masculine, common sense message. It’s a time for men and their sons to worship and celebrate their masculinity as one body in Christ.

Man Church is a full church service where men can come, with their sons, grandsons, step son and spiritual sons, and celebrate “Our Man, Our Model” Jesus Christ. Man Church focuses on a masculine message that addresses the struggles and victories that are central to a man’s heart. Equipping men with the tools for Success, Character and Excellence in their marriages, fatherhood, businesses and relationships.

At Man Church we use the teachings of Dr. Edwin Louis Cole as a tool of discipleship. Dr. Cole is widely considered the “Father of the Christian Men’s Movement”. Dr. Cole taught that a man’s life is founded on three things: stewardship, relationship and leadership. In Man Church, we also focus on the relationship between fathers and their sons. “It is time for the Lord to turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons.” Quote from the book Maximized Manhood.